Social Fresh builds advanced social media training resources for social marketers, at events around the country and online. In 2014, Social Fresh hosted its 15th and 16th social media conferences. Social Fresh began as a social media conference and still hosts the best social marketing events in the industry.

What others say:

  • “The most useful conference I’ve ever attended.” – Morgan Johnston, JetBlue
  • “Social Fresh conference honestly is one that I ALWAYS learn from and love being part of whenever I can.” – CC Chapman
  • “Social Fresh conference honestly is one that I ALWAYS learn from and love being part of whenever I can.” – Lauren Warthan, Spredfast
  • “I went to over 100 social media events last year and Social Fresh is a leader in the pack.” – Jay Baer
  • “The best conference around.” – Matt Knell, About.com
  • “ I was blown away by the content… I go to several conferences a year and this is top on the list.” – Vanessa Sain-Dieguez, Hilton Worldwide
  • “Small, yet powerful” – Digital Sherpa
  • Ranked as the top social media conference – by Buffer
  • “One of the most advanced social media events you can attend” – Mashable
  • “One of the best social media conferences” – Wappow


Social Fresh conferences host 500 top social marketers at each conference and thousands more online through hashtagged conversations and a highly shared livestream. In fact, every Social Fresh Conference becomes a trending topic on Twitter.

Today Social Fresh hosts two high level conferences each year, Social Fresh EAST and Social Fresh WEST.

We continue to work hand in hand with the top social marketers in the industry to provide training, resources, and networking opportunities for all businesses working to use social media to better their bottom line.


CEO and Founder of Social Fresh, Jason Keath, a social media speaker and analyst, first founded Social Fresh in 2008 as he began to plan the first Social Fresh Conference in Charlotte, NC.

Inspire + Create

Inspiration is essential to education. It is the sunlight that drives our branches to reach out further than we thought possible. It drives us to grow.

We inspire on SocialFresh.com with articles and resources. And we challenge our audience to connect our daily marketing inspiration to their own creative campaigns.


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* Inspire + Create image commissioned by Social Fresh, illustrated by Hugh Macleod. He also wrote a pretty awesome book called Ignore Everybody.

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