A behind the scenes look at the business of podcasting

by Jason Yarby on May 01, 2015
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Social Toolkit 24: Podcasting Greatness with Bob Knorpp. Check out the full podcast below or download it on Stitcher, iTunes, or Soundcloud to listen later.

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Bob Knorpp, host of The BeanCast Marketing Podcast and founder The Cool Beans Group joins the Social Toolkit to discuss all things Podcasting, including the business of Podcasting, the technology he is currently using, and the renaissance of podcasting, and the distribution platforms Bob prefers

  • App of the week: Rudder, Designed for anyone walking at night, providing them with the most well-lit path available to their chosen destination.
  • Insights from an 8 year podcasting veteran
  • Podcasting Tech utilized by Bob
    • Mixing board, condensing mic, Garage Band…and a mystery MacBook
    • Why audio is extremely crucial to your podcast
  • Podcasting, as a business
    • Lead Generation through podcasting
    • How simply having a podcast creates an opportunity
    • Podcasting as a content resource for clients
    • Be clear with your intentions
  • The process of booking and hosting an expert panel EVERY WEEK.
    • The complications and complexities of moderating panels
  • The renaissance of podcasting
    • Podcast distribution locations
    • How different platforms perform
  • Which podcasts are doing it right?
  • If Bob started his podcast today, how would he build it to succeed?
  • A smart calendar that finds everything you need to be prepared.
  • The easiest note-taking app

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