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    The psychology behind membership

    Originally published on TheCommunityManager.com Recently I spoke in detail about the theory originally developed by McMillan & Chavis detailing the “sense of community”. The concepts that make up a strong community and why members join or stick around. The...

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    Real Communities Require These 4 Underlining Factors

    Originally published on TheCommunityManager.com Why do people participate in communities? What is it that makes a community exist? They don’t just sprout up for no reason. There must be psychological justifications that explain what it is that brings people...

  • community-manager-takeover

    Yes, The Community Managers Are Taking Over

    Originally published on TheCommunityManager.com There’s been a big trend in the community space lately. Name a startup and they probably have a community manager… or they’re desperately looking for one. Not only that, but more and more community...

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    5 Insider Tips For Keeping Your Community Active

    Originally published at TheCommunityManager.com Contributors are the people who actually create content in your community. They may only account for 1-10% of your community, but they’re the most important members since without them, there is no conversation. And...

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    Can you choose who is in your online community?

    Originally published on TheCommunityManager.com What makes a good online community member? The concept of choosing your community members may not have occurred to you before. We (community managers) usually focus on changing the platforms, the questions we ask, the events...

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    Should Your Brand Create A Power User Program?

    Originally published on TheCommunityManager.com When you hear about a “power user program” what comes to mind first, community or product? There’s often confusion about exactly how a power user program looks, and who’s responsible for it.  Is...

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    5 Community Types Brands Must Choose From

    Originally published on The Community Manager “We need a community!  Go o’ mystical community manager, and build us a thriving community!” Shut up you. Blindly saying “We need a community!” won’t get you very far.  There are many...

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    The User Engagement Cycle Explained

    Originally published on TheCommunityManager.com A lot of business experts will tell your company to “engage” people and “build community”, but what does that actually mean? It’s important, when hearing advice like this to ask “why?” and “to...