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  • brick

    How To Build A Community From Scratch

    Originally published at The Community Manager How do you first get started building a community? It’s probably the most common question I hear.  Communities are awesome, right? Every company wants one!  But where do you start? Having built a...

  • Advance To Go

    Can Rewarding Fans Ruin Your Relationships With Them?

    Originally published at TheCommunityManager.com When users are awesome, you should reward them right? Ehhhh…. maybe. Rewarding your users can end up being a bad thing. Why Bad? We’ll start with an example. Say  you have a message board, and there’s one...

  • Pigeons

    Does Mass Messaging Work in Blogger Outreach?

    I have won the UK lottery so many times now, you would think I could buy the country of Nigeria and get them to stop informing me of my winnings. The email spam industry is of course...

  • Decision Time: Bloggers or Press?

    Bloggers or Press, Who Should You Pitch?

    So your product is built, your site is set up, and you’re ready to let the world know about it. The next step used to be pretty straightforward.  Write a press release, and pump it out...

  • question2

    Why Consumers Love Q&A Sites

    Q&A websites have slowly evolved to become a major resource on the web today.  I assure you it’s no fad, the “answers” trend is here to stay.  In fact, it could even be the future...

  • question

    The Rise of Q&A Social Media Sites

    There is a quiet trend in social media that has been growing very rapidly lately. And no we are not talking about Justin Bieber. It hasn’t stirred up too much buzz; certainly not quite as much...

  • Screen shot 2010-07-01 at 10.38.03 AM

    3 Levels of Professionalism in Blogger Outreach

    If there’s one thing that is consistent in any successful blogger outreach campaign, it’s this: You have to create a mutually beneficial situation And because of this, it’s always better to help first, ask second. But how...