CEO and founder of Social Fresh, the social media education company. Jason is a social media consultant, a social media speaker and industry analyst. He consults with corporations and agencies on social media strategy, building community, and influencer outreach.

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  • Social Fresh Tips

    Tip: Signs of a healthy Twitter account

    Peter Bray (@petebray) did a great data rich post over on the Moz blog last month about what factors relate to an increase in Twitter followers. It is very in depth, with a ton of...

  • top-social-media-acquisitions-2014

    Top 10 social media acquisitions of 2014

    2014 has come and gone, which means quite a few social media companies have done the same. Twitter defended last years leader of acquisitions title with, yet again, 10 notable acquisitions. The leaders are Twitter with 10 acquisitions, Facebook...

  • 60 hour contnet

    Tip: The Necessity of 60 Hour Content

    Today’s tip is an excerpt from Social Fresh’s Content Marketing Template. If you’ve ever heard me talk about content marketing, you know that I am a big believer in spending MORE time on FEWER pieces of...

  • Social Fresh Tips

    Tip: Turn Your Company's Email Into A Content Library

    This tip is one of dozens from a report we are releasing next week called the Content Marketing Template. It’s the comprehensive guide for building a content plan that delivers real business results. If you are reading this, you likely send...

  • Age of Customer_forrester

    Tip: The real benefit of "big data" and listening

    As marketers we hear a lot about listening, monitoring, and big data. Today’s tip is a preview of our webinar next week with Forrester and Synthesio on helping your social media focus more on the customer (click...

  • Dec-2013-Instagram-Study-Piqora2

    Tip: The Perfect Number of Instagram Hashtags

    Last week, the team from Piqora joined us at the Social Fresh Conference to discuss marketing on Instagram and Pinterest. During their presentation, they shared a stat about Instagram hashtags that surprised and intrigued me: ...

  • Social Fresh Tips

    Tip: The Vanilla Ice Rule of Content Marketing

    I call this week’s tip “the Vanilla Ice rule.” At the next Social Fresh Conference, later this month in San Diego, I am going to give a presentation on this and something I call content envy, but...

  • masterclass-full

    A Masterclass In Social Marketing: 7 Tips From The Experts

    Twice a year the smartest minds in social media come together at Social Fresh Conference. They share their best strategies and tactics for building a better business using social marketing. We pulled together some of the best tips...