Katie Morse

Katie Morse is a B2B marketer with experience in public relations, marketing communications project management and social media. She’s passionate about music, communications, food and traveling and regularly blogs for The Next Great Generation, Candid Katie and Social Fresh.

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  • social media monitoring

    5 Ways Monitoring Can Help Your Business

    Deciding to start using social media monitoring, or even just researching it, can easily uncover a large, confusing landscape. It is best to start simple. What can it really do for your business? Let’s begin...

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    How Do You Train Non-Social Employees?

    I think most organizations have identified and trained the employees that show a great ability to “pick up this social media stuff” by now.  They’ve either kept them in their current role but shifted priorities...

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    Do We Remember How to Talk to Our Customers?

    Cycles are natural. We see them everywhere in life, both in business and the world at large. Fashions are updated and recycled as the years roll by, the seasons change as time passes, and business cycles...