Kristy Bolsinger

Kristy Bolsinger is currently employed as a Social Business Consultant with Ant’s Eye View in Seattle, WA. Previously she was with RealNetworks. Prior to her time at RealNetworks Kristy was working as a Social Media Marketing Consultant and completing her MBA at Willamette University. She maintains a social media blog and can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Please feel free to contact her regarding your needs, troubles, or just to say hello.

21 articles posted

  • Roger the Mozbot

    SEO Data You Can't Live Without, SEOmoz [REVIEW]

    SEO and Social Media are like (completely legal, totally innocent) partners in crime. Two peas in a pod. Or…in the case of Google an old married couple. Which brings me to the point. Search and social are so closely related...

  • Finding The Right Info

    How To Use Social Media To Stalk And Steal Customers

    You might call it stalking or even stealing. I call it using the information publicly and readily available for your organizations benefit. Think customer acquisition and competitive intelligence. As more individuals get involved in social activities online, more...

  • Successful Enjoy

    7 Habits of Highly Effective Social Envoys

    Not that long ago Seattle Social Media Club was graced by the presence of David Armano, SVP at Edelman Digital. He talked a bit about the different tasks of community management. (Read the full recap...

  • ladder-tree-thumb

    SEO and Social Sittin' In A Tree R-A-N-K-I-N-G

    There are a lot of areas and disciplines that share overlapping interests with social media. That is right, social media is not the only online marketing channel out there. One of the stronger ones is SEO. Social...

  • facebook-fixes-thumb

    5 Fast Facebook Fixes

    In the consulting I do I see a lot of things. Some good, some that make you want to kick puppies. Some are huge problems and some are little problems. The little problems are easy, fast...

  • spearfishing

    3 Customer Acquisition Methods For Twitter

    Twitter doesn’t have to be limited to customer service and “engagement”. Your business needs to make money, and it needs customers to do that. Customer acquisition on Twitter needs to be a part of your...

  • jetblue-thumb

    JetBlue Guy: Social Media Crisis or Win

    You never know when it’s going to hit you. Or b*tch slap you right in the face for that matter. You’re cruising along. Monitoring your channels, interacting and engaging with your customers, responding to service issues,...