Lisa is a leader in the field of digital marketing. Based in Portland, OR, she serves as executive editor at TMMPDX.COM and teaches digital strategy at Portland State University. Her services include social media coaching, content strategy and digital marketing consulting.

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  • Be a Social Media Super Hero by Lisa Peyton

    Be a Social Media Super Hero in 2014

    Managing your social media communications can be a daunting task. Almost daily I receive an invite to join a NEW social media platform. My inbox is cluttered with updates from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online...

  • planning-spreadsheet

    Stop Flying Blind, 2013 Social Media Planning Spreadsheet

    Social media is big. It is unwieldy. And it grows thicker and more complicated with each day. Fear not.  With some simple planning, self-reflection and research, you can harness the ‘beast’ that has become social media. Whether you...

  • competitors

    8 Facebook Competitive Analysis Tools, An Epic Guide

    A Facebook business page has become an essential component for most digital marketing campaigns. But what do you know about your competitors on Facebook? Perhaps you have scanned their page, taken notice of how many fans they...

  • gplus-small

    Google+ Pages, 11 Tips To Get You Started

    Google+ pages launched for everyone yesterday. And there have been tons of businesses creating pages for the last 24 hours. From news to fashion to the Muppets. And, yes, Social Fresh has a Google+ page already, too. So...

  • Pagelever vs Facebook Insights

    Is Pagelever Better Than Facebook's Own Insights?

    They’ve got a great selling point: Facebook insights doesn’t do the job for gaining actionable data. But can Pagelever deliver the goods? We’re about to find out. Getting Started I was really excited to check-out this new...