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by Jason Yarby on Apr 06, 2015
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Social Toolkit 21: Facebook Ads and Videos

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Justin Kistner, VP of marketing at Mixpo, and one the smartest voices in Social Advertising, discusses how to incorporate social ads into your digital marketing strategy, content strategy for both small and large pieces of content, and how to make proper use of Facebook Videos.

  • App of the week: Mr. Jump – a simple, one button platform game similar to Flappy Birds. Tap or hold down to jump over obstacles and tricky levels.
  • Social Advertising
    • Understanding the need for Social Advertising
    • The need to incorporate social ads into your digital strategy
    • Where you should focus your social ads efforts
  • Video Advertising
    • Facebook Video Ads
    • How concerned should you be with the level of quality?
    • People based marketing platforms
  • Content Strategy
    • Creating content worth repurposing
    • The lead generation and lead scoring tech stack (ActOn, Salesforce)
    • Targeting websites where they know their customers are
    • Leverage video ads to create awareness
    • Leverage direct response channels to convert (Facebook ads)
    • Email management and message sequencing
  • Mixpo’s Video/Audio Studio setup
    • In house studio
    • Marketing Automation
    • “The Connected Campaign”
    • Multiple channels your campaigns have to touch

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