LinkedIn introduces Showcase Pages

by Nick Cicero on Nov 18, 2013
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linkedin marketing

Today, LinkedIn introduces a new feature for content marketers, Showcase pages.

Showcase Pages are dedicated content hubs enabling businesses to extend their Company Page presence, effectively segmenting audiences and enabling businesses to deliver the best message to the right audiences. 

Somewhat similar to LinkedIn’s existing company pages, Showcase Pages are designed to give individual brands and business units within corporations the ability to create their own segmented marketing channels on LinkedIn.

These pages are discoverable through search and allow users to attract a unique set of followers to push provide sponsored status updates, videos, blogs, Slideshares, and other content to targeted groups of users.

The example featuring Microsoft below shows how they’re using the Showcase Page to feature specific Microsoft Office content, while remaining connected to the corporate Microsoft account.

linkedin showcase pages

Unlike on Facebook where you have to create a regional page, app or standalone page for brand, these Showcase Pages stay within a company’s network. There’s a place to highlight that page’s affiliation with other business units, allowing their Company Pages to grow and develop within this unique LinkedIn network. 

Facebook’s Parent-child pages had a similar relationship, though with these you couldn’t really separate out for business units or bring campaign Facebook pages under brand ones.

How do you create a LinkedIn Showcase Page?

It seems fairly simple for existing Company Page admins.

Any Company Page admin can go to the drop down menu next to the edit button on their Company Page and select ‘create a Showcase Page.’

Company Pages and Showcase Pages are similar in functionality, with the main difference coming in the audience.

Users follow Showcase pages just as they follow Company Pages but Showcase pages don’t have a careers or products/services page, and employees can’t associate themselves with a particular Showcase Page.

Updates on both Showcase and Company Pages have the ability to be sponsored in LinkedIn home feeds.

What’s in it for businesses?

With more than 259 Million users, LinkedIn is the gold standard when it comes to growing and nurturing a network of professional relationships.

While most people only think about it as a tool for career development, since the introduction of Company Pages in 2010 LinkedIn has been strengthening their position as the leading platform for publishing quality content.

As these corporations expand content marketing efforts to different business units, LinkedIn needed a better way to allow interested users follow these different topics without diluting recruiting or career development efforts of the corporate pages.

Companies like Adobe, Microsoft, and Cisco are already starting to take advantage of Showcase Pages, and I imagine it won’t be long before more businesses start to take advantage of these pages. Now, more than ever, marketers are now setting aside larger budgets and more time to experiment and execute content marketing strategies.

The ability to use segment audiences and use sponsored updates to amplify valuable content efforts combined with LinkedIn’s uniquely focused audience of content consumers will make Showcase Pages an asset to all companies, especially brands.

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  • Lovijen

    Hey Nick, how do you set up a showcase page? cant find the info anywhere?

  • Alex Tortorelli

    Hey Nick, me too I can’t find info on this new features.

  • Arron George

    So do these pages exist on company page e.g. Facebook apps or are they separate entity that you can link to your business page?

  • Thibaut Davoult

    Nice info, didn’t know about that!

  • Maël Roth

    Great article which gives a nice overview of the new feature. Thanks Nick :-)

  • Steve Buors

    Hey Nick – great article, we will definitely use this functionality for our clients. So you are aware, there is a similar function in Facebook called Parent-Child (recently renamed to “locations”) that enables multi-brand or multi-location businesses to create a network of FB pages.

  • rebeccathompson

    Great article, Nick! Thanks for the breakdown!

  • timstansky

    Nick, thanks for the fast tee up on this. Do you see any significant value of this offering to small to medium sized businesses? The use of the word “corporate” in your content might mean no. But maybe there’s an application for merchants’ associations or business groups?… I’d appreciate your insights. @timstansky:disqus

  • Lovijen

    “More information to come on this exciting new feature for content marketers on LinkedIn” could you pls link to this? Been searching LI for answers cant find it. Thanks!

  • Matt Hames

    Our University already has a “University Page”. If the rollout is any indication, it will be messy.

  • Nick Cicero

    Thanks for the comment Steve, I have used the parent-child functionality for quite some time at scale and then the new locations feature (I think I make mention of it in the post). This is quite different from that notion as you weren’t able to create a “location page” for a business unit specifically. Where Facebook is focused on regionalization I see LinkedIn being smarter about content distribution and understanding that their audience is different than FB.

  • Nick Cicero

    We will get more information for you and update as soon as possible! Thanks for reading :)

  • sballard

    Would love to know your souce for this. No mention of it on LinkedIn or any other news source I can find.

  • Jason Keath

    It is an anonymous well informed source. They announce it tomorrow. More details then.

  • Jason Keath

    Good question. I suspect it is targeted more for large brands. We will ask.

  • Jason Keath

    Looks like kind of a combination so far. More info tomorrow.

  • Jason Keath

    They release the feature tomorrow.

  • Jason Keath

    You should be able to set it up starting tomorrow. Stay tuned for LinkedIn’s official announcement.

  • Green Buffalo

    This is good to know! Thanks for the tips!

  • sballard

    I’ve linked to this article on Twitter but now the article has disappeared?

  • Lindsay

    Hey Nick,
    Do you know if University Pages have the ability to create Showcase pages?

  • Jason Keath

    Hi Lindsay. According to my LinkedIn contact, they do not think so…
    See here: